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36 Best Hug Day Gifts 2021 – India

Hug day is the Sixth day of the valentine week. For this special day, you need awesome gifts for your loved one? Well, you are in the right place. We have listed amazing Hug Day Gifts. Scroll & Enjoy.

Sometimes it’s better to put your love in a hug rather than words. To make it even more special buy some amazing gifts for your valentine and while you present them, hug them tighter.

Hug Day Gifts Ideas
Hug Day Gifts Ideas

Happy Hug Day, Darling.

Sending a warm hug from the miles away to make you feel special.


Best Hug Day Gifts in India: Hug Day Gift Ideas 2021

Hug Day (Friday, 12th Feb 2021)

It’s the perfect time to show your immense love to the one without your life is incomplete. These amazing hug day gifts would leave them mesmerized and fall in your love all over again.

Hug Me Quote Printed White Cushion

Make this Hug Day super special for your beloved one with this adorable Cushion and off course with a warm Hug.

Big Teddy Panda Wearing A Hug Me Tee with Free Heart Shape Pillow (Panda)

Get her affectionate Hug by gifting this ‘Hug Me’ printed Teddy Bear.
She would love to cuddle this adorable panda Teddy when you are not around.

Love Beads for Valentines Day Gifts

Gold plating & Rose Gold Plating Charm Two Bears Hug Charm Heart Antique Love Beads would make a great gift for your sweetheart.

Hug Me Wooden Scrapbook Photo Album

A beautiful  Wooden Scrapbook Photo Album where he/she can can paste all your memorable photos and write comments on the side. 

One Long Distance Hug for You Cushion Cover with Filler

cute and funny Cushion to gift your partner in a long distance relationship.

Boyfriend Unlimited Hugs Quote Printed Blue Pillow Cover

A gorgeous pillow cover that he/she would love to use in his/her room.

Kiss Day Chocolate Gifts Combo

  • Premium Assorted Flavor chocolates
  • Glossy digital print designs

Love Couple Beautifully Hugging Each other Statue

Surprise her/him with this handcrafted Beautifully Hugging each other couple statue.

Hug Day Gifts for Wife 2021

Valentines Day Gift Love Quote Cushion

  • Cushion Cover
  • Cute Teddy
  • Wooden Photo Fridge Magnet
  • Rose
  • Greeting Card

Hug Me Teddy Bear Key Chain/Key Ring

Give her this beautiful piece of Key Chain Ring that she would LOVE to use with her favorite accessory.

Tiny Gift Box : Valentines Hug Day

A small and exquisite box with beautiful print design. She would love to use this to keep her small valuable stuff.

Dark Chocolates, Love Chocolates |Hug Day Bar

Say ‘I Love You’ and get his/her affectionate hugs with the help of this yummy Chocolate.

A Big Hug for You Mug

Make his/her day better with your hugs and with this functional present.

Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend Love Quote Cushion Cover

  • Love Quote Cushion Cover with Filler
  • Cute Teddy
  • Artificial Rose
  • Photo Magnet

Salt and Pepper (Seasoning & Spice) Shakers Hugging Couple Set

Here is a unique, cute and functional present to get for your partner on hug day.

Hug Day Gifts for Husband 2021

Ultimate Jodi Couple Photo Clock

Make this Hug Day memorable for him with this special personalized gift and with your warm hugs.

Couple Hugging Each Other Red Heart Cushion with Filler and Heart Shape Mug

  • Love Quote Couple Hugging Each Other Red Heart Cushion with Filler
  • Heart Shape Mug

Cushion Pillow Cover with Filler and Coffee Mug

  • Cushion Pillow Cover with Filler
  • Coffee Mug

Hug Day Gifts for Boyfriend 2021

Hug Day Loving Panda with Hug Me Romantic Heart Valentine Day Gift

Make sure he/she will hug you on this special day by gifting this sweet and adorable Teddy.

Hug Day Gifts for Girlfriend 2021

Cushion, Coffee Mug, Greeting Card and Rose

  • Cushion
  • Coffee Mug
  • Greeting Card
  • Rose

Monkey’s Cuddly Couple Soft Toys Plush Stuffed Teddy Bear

This Monkey’s Cuddly Couple Teddy Bear is an affordable but cute item to gift.

Types of Hugs and Their Meaning for Hug Day

Types of Hugs Their Meaning
Side hugsThis means that they don’t love you so much but don’t even dislike you. They just haven’t known you so much.
Pick-them up hugThe hug where you pick the other person up. This means you are super excited to see them. This usually happens in best friends.
Closed-eyes hugsThis means the person is pleased to hug you and finds you to be their home. They may even treat you like family.
Long hugsThe lover-lover hug. This type of hug means that you don’t need words to talk to each other and the hugs are enough.
Run and jump hugThis means that you have seen the other person for a long time and you just want to kill the distance between you and take the other person home. **
The Unanswered HugWhen one person hugs while the other one just stands still and doesn’t hug back. It shows either the other person has lost feelings for you or was never interested in you.
The Squeeze HugIt is a very passionate hug that shows you mean a lot to the other person and they have strong feelings for you.
The Snuggle HugIt shows that two people are very comfortable in each other’s presence while watching TV.
The Sleepy Shoulder HugIn this kind of hug, the girl expresses her affection towards the guy and feels safe and protected in his arms.
The Quick Hug This kind of hug generally occurs when you are in a hurry and have to be somewhere else. So you quickly give a hug to the person and rush to complete some other task.
The Polite HugIt is a formal kind of hug that happens between two people just for the sake of politeness.
The Buddy HugWhen your friend wraps his/her arms around you and gives you a light pat on the back that is called buddy hug. This type of hug generally occurs between two people who share a very close friendship like buddies.
The Bear HugA warm bear hug occurs between two people who are thrilled to see each other after a long time. A bear hug conveys the love to your partner and tells how much you missed them. **

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